Release notes


  • NEW: App pausing, allowing you to prevent the use of an app until tomorrow.
  • NEW: Launcher widget (requires use of Action Launcher).


  • NEW: Introducing "Fresh start", a brand new feature to counter the problem of being thrust straight back into a potentially distracting app after unlocking your phone!
  • NEW: Focus mode schedule groups, allowing you to set different apps to block for different focus mode groups!
  • NEW: All day focus mode schedules! Particularly handy for creating a schedule to say block work apps on the weekend.
  • NEW: When using our home screen app Action Launcher, ActionDash 5.0 allows you to block the accessing the Google Discover feed during focus mode.
  • NEW: At the request of our Middle Eastern and North African customers, you can now set Saturday as the first day of the week.
  • NEW: A custom language override setting, allowing you to select ActionDash's language independent of the device language(s).


  • FIX: Misc. performance fixes.


  • FIX: Fix stability issue introduced in v4.2.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Stability fix when all of a schedule's days are unselected.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Focus mode schedules, allowing you to specify when focus mode automatically engages.
  • NEW: A new usage stats based "App usage enforcement" screen that displays when attempting to use a blocked app.
  • NEW: "App usage enforcement" options to configure the screen type that displays when attempting to use a blocked app. Defaults to "Usage stats", but the previous meme based screen is available as an option.
  • NEW: A countdown screen displays when attempting to disable focus mode when a schedule is running as a means of discouraging toggling focus mode off too easily in times you should be focusing.
  • NEW: Option to have your usage stats automatically backup to Google Drive daily.
  • NEW: App defaults to using 24 hour time for non-English speaking languages. This can always be changed via the settings.
  • NEW: Usage Assistant and daily usage notification use different notification icons.
  • NEW: 🇩🇪, 🇮🇳 and 🇷🇺 translations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: App icons no longer appear clipped on daily usage notification.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Smaller APK size.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Refined toolbar UI which prioritizes the settings icon.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Stability fix when using 🇩🇪 language.


  • NEW: Updated 🇩🇪 translations.
  • NEW: Tapping app version number in Help menu opens detailed release notes.
  • FIX: Stability fix first starting the app that impacted a tiny fraction of devices.
  • FIX: Fix alignment of text on permission request screens.


  • FIX: Fix upgrade banner erroneously displaying for Plus users when viewing a specific app's stats - sorry about that!


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Add buttons to daily usage notification to jump to stats for the day's two most used apps.
  • NEW: Complete 🇮🇳 translations.
  • NEW: Minor 🇪🇸 and 🇧🇷 translation tweaks.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Improved daily summary notification messaging when a device is unused.
  • FIX: Stability fix adding the focus mode quick settings tile on Huawei devices.
  • FIX: Stability fix starting the app on certain Android 8.0 Huawei devices.


  • NEW: Focus mode - enable in-app or via the quick settings tile to prevent use of selected apps.
  • NEW: App usage limits - set daily usage limits on a per-app basis.
  • NEW: Usage Assistant (beta) - an intelligent, ever-present notification that provides live and contextual device usage stats.
  • NEW: Fully support the latest material theming guidelines by displaying content beneath the navigation bar and translucent scrolling settings.
  • NEW: Fully black Dark theme.
  • NEW: Full support for Q's Dark theme system toggle.
  • NEW: Revamped Theme settings UI.
  • NEW: The dark grey Dark theme, previously a premium feature, is available to Plus and non-Plus users alike.
  • NEW: Option to show excluded apps in app lists. Note that even when enabled, status for excluded apps are never included in usage totals.
  • NEW: Adds links to the new app usage limit features on app landing page.
  • FIX: Fix settings UI briefly disappearing upon changing the theme.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix crash when tapping toolbar menu items in very quick succession.
  • FIX: Fix crash a small number of people had when attempting to view weekly stats on the Summary tab.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Fingerprint authentication (beta) - similar to your banking app, optionally require authentication before stats display.
  • NEW: Setting to exclude individual apps from usage and notification stats.
  • NEW: New "device unlock" graph.
  • NEW: 24 hour time setting.
  • NEW: New app icon.
  • FIX: Daily usage summary notifications that are delivered at midnight display no longer show zero usage for today.
  • FIX: Fix graph animation restarting as single app stats load.
  • FIX: In the event of usage permission not being granted, don't show a daily summary notification.
  • FIX: Misc. performance and stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: 🇬🇷 and 🇹🇷 translations.
  • FIX: Fix bug that caused usage stats for recent days to sometimes not display.


  • NEW: Initial 🇬🇷 translations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved 🇷🇺 and 🇹🇷 translations.
  • FIX: Misc. bug fixes.


  • NEW: Initial 🇩🇪, 🇫🇷, 🇮🇳, 🇳🇱, 🇹🇷 translations.
  • IMPROVEMENT: 🇷🇺 translations.
  • FIX: Misc. bug fixes.


  • NEW: Initial Arabic, 🇯🇵, 🇷🇺 and 🇪🇸 translations.
  • NEW: Initial right-to-left language support (Alpha).
  • NEW: Add a shadow to the top toolbar.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduce frequency and number of upgrade ads.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Exclude launcher stats by default.
  • FIX: Improve app appearance in dark mode.
  • FIX: Long pressing a tab describes the tab content.
  • FIX: Clarify that app usage stats apply to the time the app has displayed on screen (rather than background use).
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Setting to exclude launchers from stats.
  • FIX: Improved compatibility with Xiaomi devices.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Fix text appearance for summary counters.
  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • FIX: Misc. stability fixes.


  • NEW: Introducing ActionDash! ActionDash takes the Digital Wellbeing app as a starting point, makes it available to all Android users, and greatly enhances it with deeper insights and customizations.
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